1. Model Name
    Iraq (IQ)
    Other Country Operators
    Australia,Egypt,Iraq,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,United States,Greece,Morocco,Peru,Taiwan
    Other Designation(s)
    Vehicle Type/Role
    Main battle tank
    DIS Code

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Full 3D Model Specifications
Country Iraq (IQ)
Other Country OperatorsAustralia,Egypt,Iraq,Kuwait,Saudi Arabia,United States,Greece,Morocco,Peru,Taiwan
Other Designation(s) M1A2M
DIS Code1:1:225:1:1:0
Vehicle Type/RoleMain battle tank
Main Armament*120 mm L/44 M256A1 smoothbore gun (42 rounds)
Optional Secondary Armament1 .50-caliber (12.7 mm) M2HB heavy machine gun with 900 rounds,2 7.62 mm (.308 in) M240 machine guns with 10,400 rounds
3D InteriorNo
Thermal Texture No
Texture Variants Desert
Levels of Detail 6
Triangle Count LoD 1 - 7581
LoD 2 - 8897
LoD 3 - 9192
LoD 4 - 20919
LoD 5 - 34646
LoD 6 - 35380
VariantsXM1-FSED,M1,M1A1,M1A1HA,M1A1HC,M1A1AIM,M1A1AIM v.2/M1A1SA,M1A1FEP,M1A1KVT,M1A1M,M1A1SA,M1A2,M1A3,M1 TTB,CATTB,M1 Grizzly Combat Mobility Vehicle (CMV),M1 Panther II Remote Controlled Mine Clearing Vehicle,M104 Wolverine,M1 Panther II Mine Clearing Blade/Roller System,M1 Assault Breacher Vehicle,M1 Armored Recovery Vehicle
3D File Format** 3ds, c4d, dae, dxf, fbx, max, mb, ma, obj, flt, p3d, ive, pbo, cga, cgf
*All weapons and ammunitions loadout are OPTIONAL
**Contact us for great discounts on bundle purchases and additional 3D engine support such as VBS2, VBS3, CryEngine, Unity 3D, Unreal and more. Additional fees may apply.