The Simthetiq eStore

The Simthetiq eStore gives you access to a vast and growing online database of air, ground and naval feautes available in a number of industry formats including runtime specific versions such as OpenFlight, VBS2, and more. Ideal for interactive real-time rendering, our DIS and HLA compatible models are ideal for high end simulations, serious gaming and mobile applications.

Easily navigate through a categorized system, use a powerful search engine to find entity vehicle models, synthetic environments and cultural features that match your requirements or take advantage of our custom development and integration services.


Why the eStore?

The products available on the estore have been standardized from the outset with a common framework, focus on being "ready for runtime" and optimized to deliver the best rendering performance and optimal visual quality. Whilst this same quality can be found with other COTS vendors, we believe the Simthetiq solution is the most consistent and offers a standardised high quality approach.

Many people ask us how the models in our eStore are different from those available with other COTS model providers. We've created a table (below) to help answer that question:

Standard Model Comparison Chart

Turbosquid Models Average time required to add feature



6 hrs
Fire power Kill



1 hrs
Catastrophic Kill



1 hrs
Mobility Kill



1 hrs
Thermal Signature



3 hrs
Hierarchy Standardised



3 hrs
DIS Enumaration



2 hrs
Articulated Parts



5 hrs
Damage LODS



2 hrs
High Resolution Textures


Not Standardized  
Optimized Geometry


Not Standardized  
Appropriate Topology and Shading


Not Standardized  
Standardized Quality



Accurate Dimensions



0 Export Control Restrictions Standard Unknown  
Character Position Configuration On Demand Not Available  
Real-time Shader On Demand Not Available  
Integration for Major Game and Simulation Engines On Demand Not Available  
Flexible Licensing Options On Demand Not Available  
Technical Support On Demand Not Available  
Runtime Ready All Some  
BASE PRICE $495 $295  
Average Rate of $50/ hr


$1050 21hrs
FINAL PRICE $495 $1345

3D Model Features

The models on the Simthetiq eStore are created to be ready for runtime with numerous standardised attributes and pre-configured settings. Designed with optimal performance in mind, these highly accurate and visually stunning models raise the bar in terms of other COTS 3d model entities currently available. See below for details.



  • Included on all library content to deliver optimal quality and performance
  • Allows retention of key model components at near and far distance
  • Standardized naming convention allowing quick and easy performance enhancement to best fit your needs (quality vs. speed)
  • Levels of detail also applied on destroyed states, switches and articulated parts


  • Variety of paint schemes to accommodate various scenarios
  • Next-gen textures including reflectivity characteristics, bump map details for even higher realism
  • Detailed texture resolution derived from actual reference pictures allows users to identify instrument panels and other subtle differences
  • Country-specific markings are also available upon request for any vehicle in the library


  • Out-of-the-box functionality, flexibility, and versatility
  • All major articulated parts, such as wheels, weapons, and air surface controls
  • Detailed texture resolution derived from actual reference pictures allows users to identify instrument panels and other subtle differences
  • Configured with DIS enumerations and vehicle-specific attributes


  • Windowed 3D models contain fully textured 3D interiors
  • All major articulated parts, such as wheels, weapons, and air surface controls
  • All major components, such as steering wheels, control sticks, and seating modeled as true 3d objects


  • Dimensions match the real-world counterpart
  • Visual appearance is verified and fine tuned using real imagery as source references
  • Vehicle attributes such as weight, fuel capability, transmission ratio and max speed are included


  • Proprietary toolset simulates precise heat signature data, resulting in visually accurate heat diffusion pattern
  • Hot and cold states for model parts, allowing for the realistic depiction of an active or non-operating vehicle
  • Dynamic thermal configuration available for multiple simulation and serious gaming platform


  • Models support a variety of damage states, which include mobility kill, firepower kill, and catastrophic kill
  • Damage states comprise not only darkened textures to simulate damage, but also include a complete remodeling of key sections of the 3D model


  • For commercial off-the-shelf software suchs as 3d studio max and Maya
  • Non real-time rendering engines suchs as VRAY and Mental Ray
  • Serious Gaming platforms such as VBS2, Steel Beast, Unity, CryEngine, Ogre and others


  • Flexible set of license available to fit most requirements (single user, multiple user, redistribution, defence and business license)
  • Loyalty discount for bulk purchases on a single order

3D Model Options

Simthetiq offers numerous custom configuration options, including sound and weapon effects, complex animations, advanced shaders, custom texture schemes and interactive interiors. Our quality products meet the highest functional and technical requirements and standards, enhancing the user's simulation or game experience in an efficient and cost effective manner. See below for details.


Enhance your audio experience by adding custom sound effects to each model or model category.



Upgrade your 3D model with an array of additional equipment and armaments which vary from one model to the next.



Extend the level of realism that goes beyond basic pixel shading through to the use of specular lighting, normal maps and parallax occlusion maps, etc.



Add a new level of functionality through the addition of highly detailed and fully interactive 3D interiors and instruments for added realism.



Enhance your visual experience by adding unique and realistic weapon effects to each 3D model respectively and exclusively for those equipped with armaments.



Supporting a variety of uniquely articulated parts, enhance your 3D model and save time with pre-configured sequenced animations. A full range of dynamics/physical effects is also offered as part of our integration services.



Upgrade your 3D models and add even more variation with distinct color schemes or request custom visual alternatives to accommodate a wider range of scenarios. Additional damage state textures can be added upon request.



Based on the system configuration or target platform, adjustments to the level of detail, triangle count and texture resolution can be made upon request.


Certifications & Alliances

The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.


The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) is a domestic industrial security program administered by the Controlled Goods Directorate (CGD) of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada


CADSI is the voice for the Canadian defence and security industries. The Association exists to strengthen the relationship and dialogue between government and our industries and to maximize the contribution the members can make to national defence and security.